Colours on the computer do not match print production


Why don’t the colours on my computer and printer match the colours at my local print shop?
This is a common question and here is the simple answer.  Like all machines, whether it is your car engine or your furnace, your design and print equipment needs to be calibrated and tuned up periodically to make sure you are getting the performance you want. 
Because your monitor works with RGB colour display and most printers work with CMYK, to get the colours on your monitor to look like what comes out of a printer, there is software you can buy that calibrates the two to communicate and work together.  Similarly when you transfer files to a different location or machine, to get the best colour match, the new machines should be calibrated to a standard setting.
Most people don’t bother syncing their machines together this way because built in performance in the machine software is much better today. The software to do  high end technical calibration between machines is not cheap.  For the most part people don’t even notice slight shifts in colour between machines, but if you want perfect colour match, the solution usually lies in the calibration of the printers and monitors.

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