How Wall and Window Decals Can Enhance Your Location


How Wall and Window Decals Can Enhance Your Location

The walls and windows of your business location offer unique opportunities to advertise your business and solidify your brand awareness. One relatively easy and inexpensive way of accomplishing this is with customized window decals and wall decals. Window graphics allow you to draw in potential customers by announcing sales, promotions, or special events, while office wall graphics help you to establish your brand and present a professional appearance.

The type of decals or graphics you choose depends largely on your goals. You'll want to think about whether you want them to serve a promotional or decorative purpose and whether you want the installation to be temporary or permanent.

1. Use Them For Temporary Promotions

Sometimes you have a special sale or one-time event that you want to advertise to passersby. In this situation, the ideal window graphics to use may be static window clings. Unlike decals, clings do not require adhesive to stick to glass. Another advantage of static window clings is they are reusable, meaning you can put them up, take them down, and reposition them however you like and as often as you would like.

2. Manage The Light Coming Through The Windows

On the one hand, you may want to take advantage of your storefront windows as advertising space, but on the other hand, you don't want to block the sunlight that comes through them. With clear vinyl decals, you can use your windows for advertising without sacrificing the light from the sun. Instead of a background consisting of a solid color, your designs are printed on a transparent background. Not only does this allow sunlight into the building through the windows, but it also allows the people inside to see out.

It could also be the case that you have too much light coming into your location through your windows. There are other types of window decals that can be used to enhance your windows and control the amount of light that goes through them.

3. Privacy

Another good use of window graphics and decals is privacy. If it is important for your business to prevent people from looking through the windows, a good option can be opaque window decals. They can be used on interior windows as well as exterior ones and printed with a purely aesthetic design rather than a promotional one if desired.

4. Interior Branding

When customers enter your building, you want to make a strong and professional impression. One way to do this is with a large display of your company name and logo on the wall. A customized wall decal offers you significant advantages over painting your logo on the wall, such as being easy to remove, easy to apply, and require no cleanup if they needed to be removed.

Like window decals, wall decals stick with an adhesive. Also, like window decals, wall decals are designed to adhere to certain surfaces. Where window decals are intended to stick only to glass, wall decals can stick to wall materials like wood. You may also apply a wall decal to a painted wall.

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