Sending a file to KKP is simple and easy


Easily Transfer Files

FTP (file transfer protocol) is the ability to transfer data electronically between 2 computers.

Print delivery interfaces are convenient tools that link the facilities at our print shops with remote clients. KKP's portal is easily accessible from any computer with internet access and a browser.

All you need to do is open up a browser, visit your local KKP's website and click the "Send A File" button. 

For sensitive transfers our FTP upload can be assigned with a user and password. Files are encrypted for security purposes. Files are not sent with email; but are stored on a server for pickup with a unique "link" that is only accessible by the KKP that you selected.


Advantages of KKP's FTP:

Easy to use.  Easy to set up.
Convenient “Drag and Drop” feature.
Send large files in excess of 2GB.
Send multiple files simultaneously.
Transfer memory, resumes file transfer of interrupted file from point of interruption.
Integrates with your FTP or replaces it.
Mac and PC compatible.

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