The Importance of Direct Mail


Receiving a letter in the mail can be very exciting! You pluck the letter from the mail box, tear open the top and quickly scan the contents of the letter inside. There is no better feeling than reading words that have been handwritten or typed across the page, that are specifically for you. Christmas cards, letters to Santa, pen pals, packages and invitations still fill post offices but not to the extent that they used to. Writing a letter or sending a card are no longer the most popular forms of communication as emails have become easier to send and receive but are they (on their own) an effective form of marketing for your business?

Build Relationships

Marketing is becoming more personal and so are mailing campaigns. Emailing subscribers about blogs, company updates and additional information about your products and services is important but when was the last time that you sent a letter? Letters, whether handwritten or typed, add a personal touch to any marketing campaign or customer communication. Thanking customers for years of service, providing a coupon, or writing to inquire about a customer’s purchase of a new product can help establish a personal relationship with your clients and increase brand recognition and their experience with your company. Many companies choose to send Christmas cards every year to thank customers for their loyalty. Although mailing hundreds of letters takes a bit more time than sending an email, standing out from the crowd with something personal will long be remembered by your customers. 

Effective Advertising

In July of 2014, the Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) was released to protect email users from receiving spam emails and advertisements that they were not subscribed to or interested in receiving. CASL has protected Canadians from spam advertisements but this has limited companies from expanding their emailing lists. Emails that do not provide great content for customers will be deleted or ignored or users will unsubscribe. So how do you connect with clients that you don’t have an email address for and to those who have not heard of your company? Direct mail is an effective strategy for reaching these clients.  Studies and reports of your sales funnels can provide you with key information regarding your target audience and where they are located. Social Media analytics also provide great information such as your target audience’s age, the city in which they live, which posts and tweets they are interested in and so forth. This information can help you determine key locations that a mailing campaign will be most effective in, allowing you to send targeted content and increase your customer’s awareness of your company and your products and services. By developing a mailing campaign that is professional and offers great content for your client, whether it be in the form of a brochure, letter or advertisement, you are able to provide a physical piece of information for people to read and share with others. People love to receive mail if it is going to provide them with insight into a product or service that they require, especially if it is eye-catching and professionally designed and printed.


When was the last time you received a letter in the mail that was just for you? Many companies have used nostalgia to market their products. Coca Cola is a great example, as we all remember the commercials and print advertisements of Santa drinking a Coke. Although modern technology is changing the way that we communicate and has opened up lines of communication across the world, receiving a card or a letter in the mail takes us back to a time before email, Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat. Print is still very much viable and helps you stand out in what has become an uncrowded world of mail.  Receiving a personal note or a brochure in the mail that speaks directly to the needs of recipients helps to establish a strong connection between a business and its customers.  

Effective marketing campaigns are becoming even more personal as people are encouraged to share stories, funny anecdotes and targeted content that speaks directly to clients and their needs. Personalized mailing campaigns are an effective form of advertising if completed correctly. Let KKP help you design, print and mail your next direct mailing campaign and watch your business succeed!  

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